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Best Tips For Studying

If there’s anything I learned in my long drawn academic career, it would be, how to study. Most students find themselves waiting until the day before the test or exam to crack a book open and end up with a puzzled look on their face, when they can’t remember a thing.

Here are some sure fire tips I’ve come up with to ensure study success:

1. Don’t Procrastinate

This is a big one; we all do it. Begin studying at least one week in advance, this will allow you to review the material in entirety and give you time to clear up any confusion regarding what you’ve read.

2. Take Notes

Taking notes is not just for class. When you’re studying course material summarize content in your own words, it will help you remember material and comprehend it.

3. Take Breaks

Whatever you do, do not sit in front of your book for 3 hours. Take a break after every half hour or hour, this will help you absorb what you’ve just read and let you re-energize.

4. Stay Well Nourished

When studying make sure you have eaten a wholesome meal and have plenty of healthy snacks on hand, this will keep your body and mind energized and focused so you don’t crash.

5. Break Up Content

Most importantly, break up what you’re studying. Don’t feel that you need to complete one chapter in a few hours, break the chapter into segments throughout the day. This may prolong study time but it will help you remember specific content.

Happy Studies!


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